Frequently Asked Questions

Is Drakon Enterprises a broker?

Yes. We are connecting sellers with potential buyers or find the proper seller for merchants who are looking to buy certain products.

What is the fee for Drakon Enterprises’ services?

Our commission is usually 3% to 5% off the deal. It depends on the business type and the goods. Our quote already includes our commission.

Is Drakon Enterprises doing the billing or the seller?

You will receive an FCO (Full corporate offer) from Drakon Enterprises for the goods you are looking for. If the offer meets your criteria you issue an L/C (Letter of credit) to us and we fulfill the order.

Do we get to know the seller?

No. The capital of a broker is its contacts. We don’t disclose our sources but we will fulfill our offers reliably and accurately. For your protection all goods can be inspected by SGS and L/C payment procedures assure that you don’t have to pay anything before your goods are on the way to you.

Can we talk to you in person?

Of course. You can call us anytime or visit us in our Munich head office. We specifically do not use an offshore company to avoid taxes. We are proud to conduct our business from Germany and our clients appreciate this.