Hong Kong

Incorporation of Hongkong Ltd.

View of Hong Kong

View of Hong Kong

Finally, the 0% tax solution with the best reputation!

Drakon offers a solution for international entrepreneurs with a vision. Euro Crisis, Bankruptcies – Whatever happens in Europe – with a Hong Kong company, your assets are protected against European authorities. Our clients work successfully with accounts of renowned banks such as HSBC, Commerzbank, Bank of China etc.

Hong Kong is under the protectorate of China – the second largest economic power in the world. The national debt is 25% (USA 100%, EU 80%). China is becoming more important and will become the world’s largest economy in a few years. If you want to be successful with your company, you can not miss China. With Drakon you have an experienced guide at your side.

Starting with an annual profit of more than 10,000.- € per year, it pays to set up a Limited in Hong Kong. With a reasonable annual flat rate, all costs – from the office to the managing director to tax returns are covered!

Benefits with a Hong Kong Limited:

  • 0% tax on profits from Europe
  • We take care of everything – administration, office, tax returns
  • English-speaking contact persons with telephone and email support
  • Cheap full service package. No hidden costs
  • Account at a major bank, customer care and online banking
  • Just write a bill, collect money and have it at your disposal
  • No liability: Trust managing director and shareholder are included in your full service package
  • Establishment and administration are possible without any relocation or visit to Hong Kong
  • 60% Cheaper than classic US or European trust solutions
  • Complete Hong Kong package including stamp, certificates via DHL to your home

Take your wealth management into your own hands! Do not leave your financial freedom to the arbitrariness of the EU bureaucracy.

You do not have to fly to Hong Kong or handle complex administrative procedures to take advantage of your Hong Kong Ltd with 0% tax. Simply upload quarterly incoming and outgoing invoices to our portal and we will take care of the bookkeeping and all the necessary notifications for you.

No matter whether you are internationally active on the internet, consulting or with products. A Hong Kong Limited saves you time and money.

We would love to give you free tax and investment advice about Hong Kong Limited!