Incorporation of Malta Ltd.

View of Valletta, the capital of Malta

View of Valletta, the capital of Malta

Take advantage of the lowest corporate taxes (5%) in the EU – with a Malta Ltd.!

  • A Malta Ltd. offers enormous advantages:
  • Only 5% tax on profits for foreigners
  • All sectors, including gaming, finance, real estate
  • Double taxation agreement with USA
  • VAT-free bills to US customers with EU VAT Number
  • Liability reduction (Manager may be a entrepreneur!)

You receive a ready Maltese Ltd. including adoption of accounting, tax returns, etc. from us:

  • Office & phone, website, .com domain, e-mail
  • Registration of your company
  • Accounting, tax return, VAT reports, Financial Office Affairs
  • Mail processing, scanning service, mail forwarding
  • European Bank account with Online banking

Managing Director
Tax-efficient Holding (Switzerland, Germany, UK, Hong Kong)